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CWNP Certified   CWNP Wifi Certified Technical Staff.  Wifi Alliance
Got Wearables???  We repair LXE HX2 wearable terminals and ring scanners!!!

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We have the Facility, Parts, and Expertise to Serve You Better!

Your WMS technology is essential to your operation and any downtime of even something as small as a scanner or hand held terminal can effect the operation of you whole facility.  Too many down items equals bigger problems like idle lift trucks and reassigned workers.  How many times have you simply found sending a scanner or terminal back to the OEM for repair was just too expensive?  Many OEM's charge $1500.00 or more just to check out your problem equipment, before any repair is performed.  Actual repairs, especially at board level, go up exponentially from there.  Often times it becomes cheaper to simply buy a new terminal or scanner than to send it back to the OEM more than once.  This is not good for your department or its bottom line.  We know you and your company did not spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on wireless and barcode technology for your facility only to have throw away equipment. 

 We are a depot level repair facility that has been in business for over eight years. Our technical staff has worked for the major OEM's such as LXE-Honeywell and Motorola.   Unlike many low cost independent repair facilities, we do 90% of our repairs right here at our own site with in house parts and expertise.  Bar Code Depot is one of the few repair facilities in the southeastern United States that does all barcode scanner repair right here in house.  That gives us the ability to serve you better with lightening fast turnaround times, along with quality and personal service.  Once you obtain an RMA from us and start the repair process, we will not only repair your equipment and get it back to you quickly, we will also be there for you every step of the way. 

Have questions about a repair? Call us during normal business hours at (706) 654-9090 and you will get a live, US based, LXE technician every time.

Need service on your site?
field service
We can come to you!

Bar Code Depot offers experienced onsite field service for LXE/Honeywell, most other WMS systems, and nearly all name-brand label printers!

If your wireless warehouse management system is down, everything stops.  You can't move or ship inventory, and in extreme cases you may have to even send workers home.  This is a nightmare scenario that nobody wants but inevitably experiences at some time.  A time like this can demand onsite service from an expert in your wireless technology who can pinpoint your problem, solve it, and get  you up and running again as quickly as possible.  We have extensive on-site field experience installing and maintaining wireless warehouse management systems on live customer sites. Bar Code Depot offers a courteous field service staff with over 30 years of combined experience with LXE and most other wireless warehouse management systems at rates that will pleasently surprise you.  Nobody else in this industry can offer you the same quality and service for the price.

We offer specialized on site service for your label printers as well.  Call us at (706) 654-9090 and we can usually dispatch a wifi certified field service engineer to your site in 24 hours or less.

CWNP Certified   CWNP Wifi Certified Technical Staff.  Wifi Alliance

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